Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Things a Wife Learns to Do While Her Husband is Away

Chad just got back from a 3 week training in CA. Needless to say, we missed the mess out of him. But we also had some unexpected moments that stretched me to tackle tasks Chad would normally handle. There was definitely some frustration at the time but we can look back & giggle now!

Things a Wife Learns to Do While Her Husband is Away...

10. Successfully selecting & using the correct power tool for a project in the back yard
9. Learning to manually shut the garage door from inside when it wouldn't automatically go down. (I wish I could claim to have fixed the problem myself but the inner workings of the garage door motor are far beyond me... a church friend saved the day!)
8. Program the sprinkler system
7. Start & use the lawn mower
6. Pick up & properly dispose of doggy landmines in the yard
5. Put gas in the mower after it putters out halfway through finishing the backyard
4. Conceal and carry a weapon (legally!)
3. Recruit an unsuspecting kind stranger in the Lowe's parking to catch a lizard in the back of my car
2. Deal with sick dogs. Big sick dogs. Sick from both ends. Both of them.
1. Chase a four foot snake out of the back yard

We survived on the homestead without Chad. Having him gone makes me so thankful for how hard he works when he's here. I am one spoiled wife!


  1. The lizard may or may not be the one I related most with. I hate those stupid things & they make me quiver. Just thinking about one being in my car makes me want to go run screaming...

  2. This is so cute Dayle!! So encouraged by you - always! :)